Visitor and Public Comments Since Angelos Left Idaho in 2011

He has burned his bridges in Idaho, Oregon, Washington.................Whats left ??? Where are they going too fast to watch the details???.Where would his fast and loose conduct prosper ??................ Willingston North Dakota. - Visitor, March 2012

Hi we just bought a house in Williston nd from a company called Conner Murphy that is owned by a Kerry Angelos and I'm trying to find out if this is the same man.

This guy screwed my company out of our money when we worked for him in North Dakota. He has multiple liens filed on his investors who own property there. We are also going to have to fight this in court. He bankrupted us.

Thank you so much for the information. We have had some contractual issues with him and that is still a work in process. Some examples of his actions included my sewage being backed up for 3 months and he never attempted to fix the issue. On top of that, he demanded his rent stating that it is illegal for me to withhold rent because of a "punch list item". I failed to see sewage backing up as a minor issue.

He is simply an extremely dishonest conman without morals or conscious and an unquenchable thirst for money. Angelos has that rare talent of looking anyone straight in the eyes and lie, lie, lie without blinking. But in the end he is simply a pathetic, insecure, little man that is full of bullshit and will rot in hell. - N.D.

Thanks to your website I got paid. Kerry wouldnt pay me and I told him I saw this website. I wish I would have saw this site before I worked for him. All contractors DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH HIM! If you do, you better make sure you can lien the property and go without your money for a long time.

I am a current tenant of Connor Murphy in Sidney, MT. I am still seeing the same behavior that this website tells us about Kerry Angelos. Do you have any updated information? It seems this website is a little outdated.

I am from MT & ND & this kerry has been reeking havoc over here & I have some question as to what he is actually capable of.. threats and harm have been tossed about & I'm concerned about retaliation quite frankly. I think the website is good & gives a good picture of who Kerry Angelos is. We live honestly here, and certainly don't want to do business with someone like this.

He could be so successful if he would actually try to do good and the right thing instead of always trying to rip everyone off.

He is running or owns a company called Conner Murphy... building houses... I am in the middle of some jobs that are behind on payment... get the feeling there is some shady stuff.... so will see how it goes... see if we are paid..... your website is awesome, thanks for that, I will make sure we don't get suckered into his pipe dream anymore....

WOW! Angelos went back to Idaho when the oil business busted and he's screwing over people down there again! Fortunately I have talked to many, many people who this website has warned about him. Please, please update the website for the sake of the public. Angelos Victim, 2016

Kerry Angelos is back in Boise and he's building homes and screwing people again. He's running the town again lying, lying, and lying. Please keep the site up and keep it active .There are hundreds of people who need to hear the news that Kerry is the ultimate scumbag!!! - Another Angelos Victim, 2016

Kerry is back and I"m afraid more people will get hurt. - Someone who trusted Angelos, 2016

You realize he is building homes in Eagle again under Status homes and as an experienced builder.

He's back in town dba Status Homes LLC..

Me and countless others have lost millions of dollars to Lying Angelos. Please freshen the site to help warn the public.. 

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