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“Kerry Angelos here.  Love your website.”

- Thanks for putting this website together.  This is a great public service and will save countless potential future victims from Kerry Angelos. – Investor.

- Wow, what a scumbag..., it should get a lot of attention. - Salesman

- How frustrating for Kerry that you are putting a huge brick wall in front of his ability to scam people.  You are taking away his livelihood! – Idaho Attorney

- Scary looking & scandalous fellow….. - Contractor

- I'm an attorney and I’ve never seen any individual involved in more lawsuits.  In fact, it seems like this guy spends more time in a courtroom than I do.  It seems like his motive was to screw unsuspecting people.  This is a guy that the government needs to investigate.  This seems to just keep going and going.  They did that with Bernie Madoff and Reed Slatkin.  Why can’t they put an all-out effort to get those innocent people their money back?  No one should be taken advantage of like this.  While law-abiding people pay their taxes and keep current on their debts this guy is taking advantage of the laws and swindling people out of their hard earned money.  THIS MUST STOP!  If everyone who has been screwed by him gets together and helps they can stop him from doing this to others.

- I love the music page - classic! - Attorney

- The guy should be in jail.  I've seen lesser thieves on Dateline NBC! – Engineer.

-  What a loser!   How could somebody have so many lawsuits against him AND judgments!   It's really hard to believe he could screw over so many people. – Computer Engineer

- What a scumbag! – Water Engineer.

- I think this should be episode 25 in Season 3 of “American Greed”.   Here is the link to send this story:  – Electrical Estimator

- What is next for him? Will he ever go to jail or have to own up to all of this? Can they at least stop him from conducting business??? – Financial Consultant.

- This guy appears a legitimate businessman but he is merely a con artist that preys on innocent people.  He must have absolutely no conscience and be without remorse.  He is a both a narcissist and sociopath.  Just look at his lifelong path of destruction and deception - Nevada Businessman.

- Thanks. – Idaho Attorney

- Incredible.  I've never seen anyone with a fraction of these lawsuits....  Idaho Attorney

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