About KerryAngelos.com

KerryAngelos.com is a web site designed to exchange information about Kerry Randall Angelos.  Already posted are hundreds of lawsuits, (Oregon Lawsuits) judgments for tens of millions of dollars, and dozens of brushes with the law against Kerry Angelos - or one of the dozens of business entities he formed!  Kerry Angelos has been defending civil lawsuits – with very little success – for nearly 30 years!  (Oregon Judgments)  During the 1980’s he defended at least 6 dozen lawsuits, continued to be sued over 50 more times in the 1990’s, and has continued to eclipsed 50 lawsuits in the new millennium with Court Judgments for tens of millions of dollars!!!!  It appears a civil judgment doesn’t matter to Kerry Angelos because he can merely transfer that shell corporation’s assets to another shell corporation that he forms, and the successful plaintiff is left with a piece of paper against a dissolved business entity with insufficient assets.   See how he formed at least 30 corporations in just 2 years!  (Business Entities)  Now you can see where he has filed bankruptcies several times just to avoid his legal debts.  His latest bankruptcy is trying to get him and his wife out of paying in excess of $176,000,000 while claiming he doesn’t even have $50k in assets left!!!!  Also posted are other public records including the dozens of business entities (i.e. shell corporations) that he created to help shield himself from liability for his actions.


 The goal of KerryAngelos.com is to assist those unfortunate people that:

            1)  Are currently in litigation with him.  Primarily Fraud, Alter Ego, False Advertisement, and Piercing the Corporate Veil lawsuits so the Courts will find him personally liable and he can’t dodge his responsibilities in the Bankruptcy Court. Again.

2)  Considering litigation against him.

3)  Considering entering into business with him.

4)  Have earned Civil Judgments and are trying to find his assets to collect on those Judgments.

5)  Are considering trusting Kerry Angelos with their money.

6)  Merely want to learn about Kerry Angelos.


Please feel welcome to post your experiences or comments about Kerry Angelos or KerryAngelos.com on this site.  This site will be most efficient with your input

Most of the information on this site is pulled from public records.  Although efforts have been made to confirm that these “Kerry Angelos” records are “Kerry Randall Angelos” there may be a few oversights.  If Kerry Randall Angelos sees any public records on this site which aren’t records of him they will be removed after verification of the alleged mistake.  The goal of this site is to have 100% accurate facts and information about Kerry Randall Angelos - and he can be the most helpful person in achieving this goal.

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